Improving the Lives of People Since 2017

Since 2017, The Mogaladi Group has been committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals from different backgrounds. We invest in people from all walks of life — giving them an opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Learn more about how you can get involved, and make a difference today!


Fostering the Lives of Individuals Since 2017

At The Mogaladi Group, we believe that the best solutions come from the people who are most affected by the problem. We have dedicated our lives to working with these communities — providing whatever support they need in order to unlock their potential. We want all individuals to envision their goals and realize they have the ability to make their dreams a reality.


At The Mogaladi Group, we believe that a small gesture has the power to make the largest of impacts, and provide you the chance to get involved with making a difference. Founded by Dr Lekopane Mogaladi with an aim to make a difference in the lives of individuals from all over the world — The Mogaladi Group believes indefinitely in supporting those who seek help.



Guiding Individuals on the Path of Success

At The Mogaladi Group, we believe that receiving the proper support and guidance can transform an already bright individual into so much more. We are here to be that support system, and help our recipients reach their fullest potential and bring all of their dreams to life. All of our recipients are intelligent, bold, and undeniably personable, making our work at Mogaladi Group incredibly meaningful and worthwhile.

Over the years, our contributions have earned us the reputation of being the best  Foundation in the greater Gauteng area — and we couldn’t be any happier to pursue what it is we love the most.


Our foundation focuses on the lives of individuals’ in the marginalized world who have the drive, courage, and ideas to potentially earn and learn but they lack the opportunities for financial, professional and personal growth.

Over the years our foundation with strong positive reputations attract people as we believe that,

..."It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it"...

Benjamin Franklin

M3PML3 Trade and Investments

Through many years the M3PML3 Trade and Investments has been on a great path of success that resulted directly from the excellence of work and experiences. It is a pioneer in believing in the relationship between possible big economies in the world. The growing exports of South African value-added products and services manifested a strong bond with entrepreneurs and granted values for long-term partnerships. 

We know South Africa is the European Union’s only decisive partner in Africa. The economic dimension of such partnership is requisite. In this regard, past Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) also reported that South Africa has a strong dedication to building a new social covenant around investment despite the worsening investment climate of the past years. 

The Mogaladi Group endorses a free-trade system that has multiple opportunities for stimulating business investment in South Africa as they are committed to providing a support system to all those who have the fullest potential in bringing all their dreams into reality. The Mogaladi Group help individuals to grow their business by giving them the opportunities they need and carefully target business prospects such as gold, coal, platinum, palladium, manganese, titanium and uranium, etc. which are accessible in a diverse range.

Mining in South Africa had an overall industry value of R 452.67 billion (USD 33.17 billion) in 2017 and estimated for roughly 60%of the country’s exports by value for the year. When we talk about Africa’s mining industry then we can’t negate South Africa’s role which holds the world’s leading role in the mining world. 

South Africa is an important capacity-development hub where the capital project expansion offers total solutions in terms of mining projects. The most interesting developmental perspectives are its engineering companies that are steadily looking for joint ventures in developing new mines in third world countries. With more than 100 years of experience, it has assisted the world’s deepest and most profitable mines, it provides services to mining companies worldwide, both in developing new projects and furnishing aftermarket solutions. 

The overall purpose is to provide potential investors from targeted countries with the opportunity to communicate with the South African business leadership so that they can obtain first-hand information on the issues relating to the South African mining environment, as the country’s minerals strategy seeks to enhance synergies and relationships between mineral value-chains to support economic diversification and emphasis on industrial capacity development in energy possessions, as well as the iron, steel and titanium value-chains.

GLL Petroleum & Oil

The petroleum goods, crude oil, natural gas, and the direct trade of the products in South Africa's petroleum industry contributes nearly  6% to the total GDP while providing some 18% of South Africa's basic requirements of energy through annual sales of 27 billion liters of liquid energies. 

According to the South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA), the overall nine supporters of the South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA), are the main producers of petroleum, have total resources of R125.1bn, and already have completed an operating profit of R19bn. The current condition of South Africa is that it provides nearly 5% of its fuel needs from gas, 35% from coal and 50% from local crude oil plants. The current data shows, nearly 80% of South Africa's crude oil is imported through the single buoy mooring (SBM) system off the coast of Durban. Shell (26%), Engen (26%), BP (26%), Sasol Oil (16%) and Total (6%) own the SBM, which is succeeded and operated by SAPREF, the country's largest oil plant. 

Now what we can assess through these figures? The downstream refined product markets have progressively moved from being a net export market to a net import market in the last 15 years with almost 8 billion liters. At this time, Mogaladi group is planning to start a project in the oil and petroleum industries as an importer, now what are we looking for? Perceptibly, we are looking for partners in this area and also offers a wide range of values and strengths. We have identified a market niche, that Small, Medium & Micro Enterprise Businesses SMMEs are playing an important part by contributing to the economy of the country. The SMMEs sectors are inducting many employment opportunities to enter the mainstream economy within the sector of oil and petroleum. 

In addition, the local and foreign investors are backed by our government to approve partnerships with SMMEs in the sector so that it can provide a proper framework for SMMEs. SMMEs sector is managed by one proprietor that includes its divisions or affiliations, if there is any, and is mostly carried out in any sector or subsector of the economy. But when we talk about challenges, then we can’t ignore the high unemployment, inequality, and famine in the country. The government can facilitate and overcome this through the access of SMME information which is viewed as the engine of business growth and development.

France and Agnes Mogaladi Foundation

France and Agnes Mogaladi is a capacity building foundation with a mission to promote socio-economic transformation through community uplift programs, Soccer Legacy Tournaments is one of them. The foundation's philosophy and values are interwoven in its very name of cherishing the memories; living the legacy. 

This home grown foundation has progressed over the years of experimentation and hard work. They aim to work for creating awareness and capacities within communities, particularly youth so that they can survive competently within the parameters defined by The Mogaladi Group. These soccer tournaments belong to the people of Moutse and by extension Limpopo and South Africa. 

We initiated this tournament in honor of our late parents who so wished to live their last days in Rathoke. The whole idea behind France and Agnes Mogaladi is to promote messages of peace, tolerance, and awareness among the masses especially youth. We are also developing soft skills, attitudes and behaviors that are encouraging for a respectful and harmonious environment at the household, community and institutional level. 

The France and Agnes Mogaladi Foundation is also fostering educational development and awareness, as they are the basic tools to mitigate the challenges of violence and unemployment. In the domain of peace, education and community development, we have developed several curricula for multiple national and international organizations that seek financial support for the philanthropic vision. 

How we are improving the lives? We are providing marginalized communities access to the threatening livelihood opportunities at the grass roots level that influences disruptive events individual/partnership/cooperative model of enterprises for sustainable socio-economic development. Since its inception, educational and community development is our core operational area, we have been serving both national and international audiences and carved a niche for ourselves in this sector. By providing customized, innovative and localized solutions to our people, it is ensured that the impact of our work is far-reaching and long-lasting. 

We have worked with numerous government and non-government development organizations for the design and implementation of these initiatives. The France and Agnes Mogaladi Foundation is looking forward to the best solutions for rural and impoverished communities as working with them, they also design a curriculum to develop a community-based mechanism for combating rising youth unemployment issues as well. That is why we are contributing to withstand the environment through our practical approaches. We believe that sport and recreation clubs are the hub of community life, as they are the catalyst of positive youth development programs.

Progressive Innovations

Progressive innovation strategies increase the affluence by catalyzing the innovation spirit, the need-based innovation, and change that can happen through various assessments. 

The Mogaladi Group believes that there is a secret sauce which helps to function effectively as a team but what is the secret sauce behind innovation and progressive approach? It is indeed the strong network of skilled people, professionals, and investors. Definitely, technology is an assertive traditional player that adapts practical approach and invents useful tools to achieve specific tasks or interests. Progressive innovation is not rocket science. It’s about approaching a problem with inquisitiveness as it involves a great zeal of deliberations, imaginations in deriving different values from different resources. The day-to-day changes of contemporary world affairs and the environment can be impacted by converting new ideas into practices.  We know, innovation, like a garden, won’t nurture on its own. We need to plant seeds and nature them with proper care, not only to create a garden but an ecosystem. 

We believe that, at this time, the best prospective industry in South Africa is Information Technology that is playing an important role in information’s and communications technology (ICT). South Africa's ICT industry is one of the fastest growing African market.  They are locally or internationally based companies that have provided most of the networks across in recent years.  With this innovatory approach, The Mogaladi Group believes that South Africa can prosper further with the collaboration of investors and innovators across the globe for common development and cause. We believe that new policy initiative for Africa accentuates the liability not only in trade/investment/innovatory opportunities but also in spreading peace keeping strategies.

Certainly, South Africa embraces the vision of building a prosperous Africa, that is only possible by a support system which is (human capital, social capital, and real assets). Recently, UNESCO revealed that the Department of Science and Technology reported South Africa's investment in research and development (R&D) was raised to ZAR 22.2 billion in 2011/12, an increase of ZAR 2 billion over the prior year, representing 0.76% of gross GDP (DST, 2014). In comparison to other African countries, it means, South Africa has a comparatively an erudite system of R&D.

FC Maginim Ephraim Mogale

Being involved in sports activities assist a person in many different ways. It does not only offer physical power but it also intensifies mental capability. Outdoor sports activities such as football, cricket, hockey, running, etc. support in enhancing physical health and mental fitness as sports are the best way to get convoluted in continuous physical activities. The FC Maginim Ephraim Mogale is a youth development soccer team based in the Ephraim Mogale Municipality of Limpopo province. The aim of this development initiative is to provide opportunities to youth as well as stimulate demand for goods and services. The popularity of soccer and its convoking power contributes towards the progression of talented boys and girls as it is a powerful voice for spreading messages of peace. These type of activities are effective contributors to the development of community-based initiatives, their only aim is to improve and spread the message of sustainable peace. For this purpose, the skilled youth bridges their possible gaps and achieve the practical methods of peace and development through Maginim Ephraim Mogale that is an influential way of communication, as it proposes the professional configuration of youth in this discrepant environment. Moreover, the love of soccer has grown in Limpopo. With this interest and love for soccer, many talented players are now looking to get more opportunities through sports scholarships across the world leading universities. 

Soccer players can easily find scholarships such as (financial needs, exchange programs through various established clubs and community development initiatives), as these soccer scholarships give a chance to young people where they can get proper training from world-class top coaches. This soccer development initiative is producing many talented players on the basis of their skills, potential students must demonstrate their commitment towards this. The major benefits of physical activities is that they stimulate corporal fitness and overall peace-building efforts, as the charter of UNESCO 1978 states that 

“The practice of physical education and sport is a fundamental human right for all”

It means that every single individual (including men, women, young people and children) should participate in sports-related activities as these practices are helpful in achieving peace and moderate physical activities. The Mogaladi Group believes that potential development between sports (all kinds of physical activity) and peace is a powerful weapon, as they bring people together from different cultures and traits, breaks the boundaries and provides a unique platform where they can highlights their connections by avoiding one-sidedness.


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