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PPE supply

PPE Supply

For 5 years, Mogaladi Group has been a leader in supplying what is needed and getting it to where it is needed. With factories, manufacturers, and warehouses all across the world, we've responded to market demands and added new ways to serve our customers in any way they require.

What Happened?

We gradually became one of the world's leaders in providing personal protective equipment to the general public, thanks to our established network.

We have established a pillar in the African industry as one of the few companies that has managed to keep prices on all personal protective equipment from rising.

Thousands of masks, gloves, and other medical safety items are processed and delivered every day across Africa. Thousands of people benefit from this equipment since it keeps them safe when they are in risky situations.

Mogaladi Group has continued to effectively deliver latex and nitrile gloves, masks of all types, and personal protective equipment.

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