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Striving To Make a Difference

The Mogaladi Group is committed to create and strengthen networks of individuals and institutions promoting sustainable development for meeting human development goals.


We don't just hear, we listen!

Our philosophy is entrenched and intertwined with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals on improving the lives of people by providing the highest level of support to strengthen peace and prosperity. We want all individuals to envision their goals and realize they have the ability to transform dreams into reality.


Committed to Fostering the Lives of Others

Founded in 2017, The Mogaladi Group was established under the foundation of giving. We give everyone the chance to donate to a good cause, and believe that a little monetary contribution can go a really long way in improving the lives of others. Our grants spread across a variety of different fields, and have been the driving force behind the success of those in need.


Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results

The Mogaladi Group Panel comprises of influential dignitaries from various disciplines. Our supporters provide strategic input on ideological and philosophical levels for the foundation. The team integrates the multi-country experience, vision, policy, plans, and management skills in providing personalized and cutting-edge solutions to all individuals.


Our foundations major objectives are

  • to focus on the lives of individuals
  • to facilitate the economically underprivileged
  • to develop a community-based mechanism for combating rising youth unemployment
  • to promote socio-economic transformation through community uplift programs and Soccer Legacy Tournaments
  • to foster educational development and awareness
  • to empower partnership with local and foreign investors through SMMEs
  • toprovide inclusive growth opportunities through SMMEs sectors
  • to provide livelihood opportunities to the threatening communities
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