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Lucky Mmakola


Being a Mmakola, the main objective to the Mogaladi Smart City Project is to support the people of Mmakola Village, the focal point being, unity and allegiance and bringing people together across all sections of society, representing stability and continuity, highlighting achievement, and emphasising the importance of service and the voluntary sector by encouragement and example.


2020 to Present: Yeareak Security - Channel Head

My roles was to maintain safety and provide security of the organization's assets, as well as the welfare of employees within the company's premises, enforcing security protocols and policies and conducting training and programs to employees for safety, analyzing surveillance equipment and coordinating accordingly. Develop security process improvements, and handle budgets and allocate resources for security operations.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Manage supervisors and security officers including selection, scheduling, payroll, development, and support.

  2. Investigate workplace violence, manage / coordinate security efforts and mitigate security risks and threats.

  3. Provide security and privacy relate requirements and oversight for development of payment products and services.

  4. Develop and implement numerous training programs covering procedures as well as ethics and integrity to gain improvements in the operation.

  5. Initiate protective force operations at each facility providing greater security presence, entry operations, and increase loss prevention methods.

  6. Negotiate policies, procedures, for various projects.

2019 to Present: Logistics Director at Mogaladi Group Holdings

My major responsibility involved overseeing, monitoring, and keeping track of timetables and costs, daily operations of the logistics department, as well as demonstrating the ability to be a strategic planner in order to help foster the company’s progress.


2006 to 2016:  Key Account Manager at The Plettenberg Hotel.

My role was to liaise with advertising companies and other travel agencies to better position our chain hotels. I over saw day to day operations, i.e., staff, manning bookings, business calls, doing presentations, online bookings and fleet management of vehicles among other things.


​1996 to 2006: Department Manager at Woolworths, Cold Chain Market.

To oversee that all the stock was sufficient and shelved daily. Among other things I would ensure that merchandise and stock was delivered on time, also ensuring stock rotation to avoid waste and regular cold chain servicing. I spent a great deal facilitating between suppliers and stockist in my department.

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