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Mmagodiaka Smart City is a smart city project now under construction on a 215-hectare plot of land in Mmakola village, near Marble Hall, in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Industrial sites, filling stations, shopping centers, retail centers, residential, business site, intermodal facility, medical, educational, and sports facilities are all planned for the city.

The Mogaladi Group of Companies is in charge of the project's development. After Lanseria Smart Metropolis, Mooikloof Mega Metropolis, and Durban Aerotropolis, Mogaladi Smart City is said to be the first of its sort in the country and the fourth post-apartheid city to be created. The project is said to be worth over R10 billion and will create over 5 000 jobs. 


The Mogaladi Group of Companies is in its planning phase and plans to have it completed by 2027. The Mogaladi Smart City is definitely an exciting project that will change the landscape of South Africa. This project is important because it will help to revitalize the area, boost economy of the region and is an important step forward for the country as it brings together many different types of businesses and helps to improve economic growth.

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