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Yereack Security Services - Securing What Truly Matters

Every person has an innate desire to protect their properties and loved ones. Security is crucial in today's world, and it becomes imperative that we have an effective plan to anticipate threats and prevent attacks. Between 2019 & 2020, South Africa has seen a rapid increase in burglary and housebreaking, affecting about 89,100 households. Therefore, Yareack Security Services was formed to address the several security challenges facing South Africans. Drawing from the moon’s overseeing nature, our commitment to surveillance is far-reaching and all-encompassing.

Yareack, a Hebrew word for the Moon, represents a cutting-edge security outfit transforming the South African landscape and building a resilient structure for all our stakeholders. We uphold excellent service delivery, and implementation while positioning to identify with investors that prioritize security and community. As a progressive company, we remain a frontrunner in the security solution market. We have a host of services and products designed to enhance home and office security


Yareack Security Services offers top-notch services that include burglary products, alarm systems, outdoor and indoor cameras for video surveillance. Our products are targeted to help anticipate possible threats to homes and offices. To assure growth, we employ best practices in selecting our teams including the most professional security personnel with expert knowledge of home and office security systems.

With our unmatched experience, our services are designed to boost confidence and attract the most valuable clientele across the country. Our goal is to be one of the best security companies in South Africa with excellent service, team, and in-depth knowledge of the crime and security industry in South Africa. We are therefore exploring strategic opportunities and partnerships in the security solutions field.

Our top-notch security solutions are not restricted to automated security systems, but also manned security personnel. With Yareack, investors are creating an opportunity to reduce security risk, protect lives and keep South African communities safe.

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