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France & Agnes Foundation

France & Agnes Foundation

France and Agnes Mogaladi is a capacity building foundation with a mission to promote socio-economic transformation through community uplift programs, Soccer Legacy Tournaments is one of them. The foundation's philosophy and values are interwoven in its very name of cherishing the memories; living the legacy. 


This home grown foundation has progressed over the years of experimentation and hard work of Dr. Lekopane Mogaladi and his team of enthusiasts. They aim to work for creating awareness and capacities within communities, particularly youth so that they can survive competently within the parameters defined by The Mogaladi Group. These soccer tournaments belong to the people of Moutse and by extension Limpopo and South Africa. 

We initiated this tournament in honor of our late parents who so wished to live their last days in Rathoke. The whole idea behind France and Agnes Mogaladi is to promote messages of peace, tolerance, and awareness among the masses especially youth. We are also developing soft skills, attitudes and behaviors that are encouraging for a respectful and harmonious environment at the household, community and institutional level. 


The France and Agnes Mogaladi Foundation is also fostering educational development and awareness, as they are the basic tools to mitigate the challenges of violence and unemployment. In the domain of peace, education and community development, we have developed several curricula for multiple national and international organizations that seek financial support for the philanthropic vision. 

How we are improving the lives? We are providing marginalized communities access to the threatening livelihood opportunities at the grass roots level that influences disruptive events individual/partnership/cooperative model of enterprises for sustainable socio-economic development. Since its inception, educational and community development is our core operational area, we have been serving both national and international audiences and carved a niche for ourselves in this sector. By providing customized, innovative and localized solutions to our people, it is ensured that the impact of our work is far-reaching and long-lasting. 


We have worked with numerous government and non-government development organizations for the design and implementation of these initiatives. The France and Agnes Mogaladi Foundation is looking forward to the best solutions for rural and impoverished communities as working with them, they also design a curriculum to develop a community-based mechanism for combating rising youth unemployment issues as well. That is why we are contributing to withstand the environment through our practical approaches. We believe that sport and recreation clubs are the hub of community life, as they are the catalyst of positive youth development programs.

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