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MGH Innovations

Progressive innovation strategies increase the affluence by catalyzing the innovation spirit, the need-based innovation, and change that can happen through various assessments. 


The Mogaladi Group believes that there is a secret sauce which helps to function effectively as a team but what is the secret sauce behind innovation and progressive approach? It is indeed the strong network of skilled people, professionals, and investors. Definitely, technology is an assertive traditional player that adapts practical approach and invents useful tools to achieve specific tasks or interests. Progressive innovation is not rocket science. It’s about approaching a problem with inquisitiveness as it involves a great zeal of deliberations, imaginations in deriving different values from different resources. The day-to-day changes of contemporary world affairs and the environment can be impacted by converting new ideas into practices.  We know, innovation, like a garden, won’t nurture on its own. We need to plant seeds and nature them with proper care, not only to create a garden but an ecosystem. 

We believe that, at this time, the best prospective industry in South Africa is Information Technology that is playing an important role in information’s and communications technology (ICT). South Africa's ICT industry is one of the fastest growing African market.  They are locally or internationally based companies that have provided most of the networks across in recent years.  With this innovatory approach, The Mogaladi Group believes that South Africa can prosper further with the collaboration of investors and innovators across the globe for common development and cause. We believe that new policy initiative for Africa accentuates the liability not only in trade/investment/innovatory opportunities but also in spreading peace keeping strategies.


Certainly, South Africa embraces the vision of building a prosperous Africa, that is only possible by a support system which is (human capital, social capital, and real assets). Recently, UNESCO revealed that the Department of Science and Technology reported South Africa's investment in research and development (R&D) was raised to ZAR 22.2 billion in 2011/12, an increase of ZAR 2 billion over the prior year, representing 0.76% of gross GDP (DST, 2014). In comparison to other African countries, it means, South Africa has a comparatively an erudite system of R&D.

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